Monday, May 12, 2014

Pre-Baby To Do List Update #2

I am now at this part of my to do list...

III. Get the rest of the house in shape
A. Bathrooms
B. Livingroom
C. Kitchen
D. Diningroom
E. Craftroom

Which will be referred to as "Make The Most of My Maternity Leave To Do List" lol
Here is a day by day look at my goals.

1. Bathroom -- surface clean counter, clean toilet, take out trash
2. Put away whites (laundry)
3. Pick up and turn in disability paperwork

1. Living room -- dust, clean up, lint roller loveseat, clean off divider between kichen and living room.
2. Lights laundry

1. Kitchen -- dishes, clean up counters
2. Darks laundry
3. Get new ID card, haircut for TJ, doctor appointment for me
4. Possibly visit a friend and go to dairy

1. Dinigroom -- clean off table, dust
2. Guest bathroom -- surface clean counter, clean toilet
3. Linen laundry

1. Craftroom -- clean up and organize!!!!
2. Baby laundry
3. Work shower

1. Hair appointment
2. Dining out

And that will bring us to the "Not Go Crazy Waiting for Baby To Do List" lol!!!

1. Make baby blankets and burp cloths
2. Catch Up on Project Life, baby book and pregnancy scrapbook
3. Keep house generally clean
4. Plant some flowers
5. Read
6. Laundry

I am also planning to do a little walking each day to help prepare for labor. let's see how far i can get on this list!!

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betty said...

I think that's good that you broke each of the chores up over the week, Robyn. Each of the days don't seem too overwhelming and you can rest between activities/chores. Good idea for the walk too!