Saturday, May 3, 2014


Right now I am teetering between feeling overwhelmed that there is so much to do before baby comes and thinking there is plenty of time because he will probably be late anyway.

I blame the decrease in anxiety meds lol. Though I am not really feeling any anxiety.

Mine and Peanut's hospital bags are officially packed!! That is a big one that I wanted done. If nothing else, I am prepared for the hospital and Peanut's arrival!!!

The car seats are going in today. I set up the diapering station last night and reorganized a few things. I would also like to get everything wiped down and vacuumed, but I do not think I will have the energy and the vacuum cleaner is broken.

If Peanut comes on his due date there is plenty of time to get everything done. If he comes early, not so much!! There are no signs, though, that he will come early. So I feel like worrying about it is for nothing.

I also would not classify what I am feeling as nesting because I do not have an overwhelming urge to start doing all this stuff. I just want it done lol.

My 4th baby shower date has been set, though I do not think I was supposed to know that lol. It is at work and I did not get an email, but my supervisor was asking what I still needed and if there was any big stuff and she wanted to know for my work shower on the 16th. I kind of figured it would be that day because it is a plan day (no kids). It will also be my last day before maternity leave. I was planning on putting in an order on my registries before then for anything left I needed, but I guess I should wait. I do have all the essentials right now (except a hooded towel) so it is not urgent.

Just going to keep doing a little everyday to get ready.

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betty said...

Can you get a cleaning service to come in and wipe down what you want wiped down and vacuum? I've used them before when moving out of rentals and I didn't want to have to clean the house on top of moving. Might be a thought; they were always worth the expense that didn't seem to be too bad.