Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Breaking of the Water

This is probably TMI, but maybe it will be useful to someone.

My preferred method of going into labor would be to have my water break. It is a clear cut, non painful sign that it is time. No contractions to time and wonder if they are the real thing or just practice. It breaks and it is time to go!! It does not mean baby is coming right away, but it means he is coming. They want you to come to the hospital as soon as possible so they can check you and everything and make sure all is safe for baby (because it is his amniotic fluid that is now slipping away).

However, water breaking is a messy business. I am officially ready for this momentous occasion. If it happens when you are standing up it is not as bad because the baby's head acts like a cork as only a little starts leaking out, but it is steady. Also, you may have an initial gush and then a slow trickle. My first line of defense are super absorbent Poise pads. Not just for incontinence anymore!! Although, keep in mind that is what they are made for so they will probably not do a thorough job of catching all the water, especially if you happen to be sitting down or standing up. Because then there is no cork effect!

For water breaking while sitting down I have a towel on the couch and a towel in my car. Hopefully combined with the Poise pad I will not have to clean any upholstery (or I should say TJ will not have to clean any upholstery lol).

My last area of defense is the bed. I put a waterproof crib pad under my side. Now the sheet will still get wet, but that is an easy in the washing machine clean. However, the crib pad was made for baby pee leaking from a diaper, not flood of amniotic fluid so I am not sure how well it will work protecting the mattress, but I am hoping the Poise pad helps as well.

Since I have taken all of these precautions I am pretty sure that my water will not break until after I am checked into the hospital lol.

Anyone have any experiences they want to share?

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betty said...

You are prepared :)

My friend that I got to see her baby born (whose birthday is today, he's 8, my gosh, that's not possible), anyway, her water broke at a friend's house. The friend said she had wet her pants, but my friend knew it was her water breaking, and sure enough when she went to the hospital it was as they tested it and it was amniotic fluid and not urine.