Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Great Receipt Chase

Thought I would share this fun little story with you.

We needed to get ink for our printer the other day. We were a little concerned because it seemed that we had not bought ink that long ago or used that much so I wanted to make sure we kept the receipt in case we had to take it back. We also bought some tacky putty. We told them we did not need a bag.

When we left the store I attempted to take the putty from TJ to put in my purse and the receipt got loose and started to blow away!! It was very windy out. It was a very long receipt, too. It went under some cars so we did not want to chase it.

However, when we got in our car I could see it blowing down the parking lot in the same direction we were driving. I told TJ to follow it.

It blew past Hobby Lobby, Hastings, Dollar General and one other place. Then it turned the corner and slowed a bit. It was up against a curb and we were able to get ahead of it and I got out and retrieved the runaway receipt!!!!!!!!

Oh and May the Fourth be with you!!!

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betty said...

You were one determined girl to get that receipt!