Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Nursery!!!!

It took 2 days and a lot of pain, but I got the nursery clean and organized (ok, some of it was previously done, but mostly this past weekend!!)

Diapering station/dresser

The diapering organizer is actually a toy bin and will later be used as such!!!

Decor, books, soft toys and drawers

Storage shelf (mostly linens)

Rocking/reading corner

Crib (I will take the stuff out when he is sleeping there)

Closet!!! I swear it is organized!!!!

Some last decor

I am glad to have this done. Next up will either be my bedroom to accommodate the pack and play or the kitchen to get a bottle station set up.

Oh, and did you spot Scout in any of the pictures????


Fuzzy Tales said...

Everything looks ready to go, nicely done! We love that the walls are a cheery neutral, not stereotypical blue. :-)

And we did see Scout in pic #25, but not in any others, if he was there.

betty said...

I did see Scout; he was by the stroller! Looking great, Robyn! A great room for your wee one! You guys did great!