Monday, May 5, 2014

Updated Pre-Baby To Do List

The nursery is done (post later this week!) and the car seats installed (they just need to be inspected) so this is what is left to do now...

I. Clean Breast Pump Parts and Sterilize Bottles
(I want to start using the pump in the hospital)

II. Bedroom
A. Clean and re-organize my side to accommodate pack and play
B. Switch out lamps so I have one with a nightlight
C. Vacuum

III. One more load of baby laundry
A. Need to get the pack and play sheets clean
B. Waiting on my shower box

Once those are done I will feel comfortable with Peanut coming early.

III. Get the rest of the house in shape
A. Bathrooms
B. Livingroom
C. Kitchen
D. Diningroom
E. Craftroom

The plan is to clean the breast pump parts tomorrow and do the sterilizing. I can only do one bottle at a time so it will take about 30* min. I will also start doing a little bit of work at a time on the bedroom so TJ can rearrange the furniture and set up the pack and play while I am getting my nails done on Saturday :)


betty said...

Making great progress!


iowajewel said...

Wow makes me tired just reading all you have to do! Take it easy girl and relax!!!!