Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Children's Mercy

While I would rather have been able to go home with my little Peanut for the first week of his life (today he is one week old!!), since he had to be in the hospital there is no better hospital around that he could be in!!

Their lobby is pretty cool and has this cool atrium rotunda which you can change the colors of from buttons on the wall.

The blue is my favorite.

They have a lot of awesome amenities and programs at the hospital. The following TJ and I have been able to take advantage of...

Ronald McDonald House Family Room. They have free lunch and dinner almost everyday from groups that come in to provide them and a well stocked fridge with leftovers :) You can also watch TV, read or just hang out. They have a few rooms with beds and TJ and I stayed in one the first night. You can also do laundry there.

Lactation Consultant. Breast feed is HARD. Especially with big boobs. I have received invaluable assistance with this this while here. I probably would have given up at home.

Car`Seat Fitting. We had some one fit Jonathon in his car seat AND went to the car with TJ to make sure we installed it properly.

Room Service. This is just for me. As a breast feeding mom I get free hospital meals. The food is really good, too.

Infant CPR. We are attending this class tomorrow.

Chapel with Sunday Service. This was nice.

Cafeteria. A really cool one with a 50's theme!!!!! However, they do not have any sugary soda (just diet) ANYWHERE in this hospital as part of their getting healthier program or something. You can bring it in, but they do not sell it. And they offer a lot of healthy meal and snack options.

We have also had a chaplain come by to see if we needed anything, a discharge coordinator who is going to make an appointment for Peanut back home with his pediatrician for us and put in for the car seat consult, and a social worker to see of we needed anything. They take really good care of the parents here.

I am anxious to get back home (hopefully on Thursday!!), but they stay here has been pretty pleasant overall.


Kim said...

That's good! I hope he's doing much better!

betty said...

That does look like a nice place if one has to be in the hospital with great services for not just the baby but for the whole family! I do hope you can take your little one home on Thursday so you can start the bonding in your own place!