Friday, June 13, 2014

Currently 6-13-14

Watching: my soaps, Jimmy Fallon, UFC, Duck Dynasty, Boy Meets World, star Trek Next Generation, How I Met Your Mother (TJ and I have to share the TV lol)

Reading: Facebook and blogs. Getting ready to read JOB in the Bible

Listening: Hospital sounds -- monitors beeping, babies crying, nurses talking

Creating: Birth announcements at Walmart Photo online

Feeling: Exhausted, sore, emotional

Planning: to go out to lunch on Saturday and maybe go to Crown Center and get cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. And go to church on Sunday.

Loving: my sweet little baby boy and my husband.


Kim said...

Job is one of those lesson books in the Bible. He still believed even though life caved in around him.

betty said...

I love the book of Job, Robyn. One of my favorite books; my favorite passage from it is Job 28:28 "He said to man, the fear of God that is wisdom, to shun evil is understanding." (NIV translation).

I love your selection of shows, LOL.

I would imagine you would feel emotional; lots of stuff going on plus you just had a baby that sometimes causes havoc on one's emotions/hormones, etc.

((((hugs to you))))