Friday, June 20, 2014

Currently 6-20-14 and We Are Home

Peanut was released from the hospital on Tuesday (his 2 week birthday) and we are home. had his first Pediatrician appointment today and Dr. G pronounced "this is healthy child". I will have a post about that and Dr. G, whom we love. Posting will not be s regular as we are trying to navigate life with a newborn and get into some kind of routine. I must say, though, I have had a lot more energy and motivation than I thought I would!!

Watching: my soaps and Jimmy Fallon

Reading: Books to my son

Listening: baby cries and cat crying occasionally

Creating: Put pictures in my Project Life.

Feeling: tired, sore, emotional, grateful

Planning: to go to church with Peanut on Sunday to show him off!!

Loving: being home!!!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Hurrah, great news that Peanut is home and healthy! Smooches to Scout, who might wonder what's going on. LOL.

betty said...

So glad to hear that you guys are home and your baby is healthy! Glad to hear you like your pediatrician too! That makes all the difference to have someone you feel confident in! You will get into a routine, it will come, just take your time, don't try to rush it, you'll do just fine!