Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting Out of the Hospital

When we first got to the hospital I could not imagine leaving without Peanut. I sometimes felt guilty even going downstairs to eat or take a walk. After all, if I was home I would not leave him (except with TJ). So the idea of leaving to do something for pleasure just seemed wrong. But having a child in the hospital is different. It is stressful and draining. It got to the point where the doctors suggested we get out for while and the nurses started encouraging us to go out to dinner. They said it would be good for us to recharge our batteries. And to be honest, I started to feel a bit cooped up and the idea of getting away for awhile did sound appealing. Plus, being a newborn and having spent his whole life thus far in a hospital Peanut did not know any better and was used to the nurses being around and even feeding him and changing him on occasion.

Our first outing was on Thursday night to the laundromat. The 2nd was on Friday to go to dinner. The 3rd was on Saturday to Crown Center and Walmart and 4th was Sunday to church and Cheesecake Factory.

At first I was reluctant to go very far. I wanted to go to Cafe Gratitude, but thought it was on the other side of town. On our trip to the laundromat I discovered that it was only 5 minutes way!! I am still learning how everything in KC is spatially related. The Crossroads Art District is just south of the big buildings and the hospital was just a little more south. So we went there for dinner on Friday.

On Saturday we went out a little longer. First we went to Crown Center (which was just a couple blocks west) and then we went searching for Walmart. First our GPS sent us to a railroad yard, and then to Gladstone which is in North KC. We were in search of a dress shirt for TJ which we got, plus shorts and shirts for me -- NON MATERNITY!!!! I also stopped at a nail place to get a polish change on my toes. Then we went to 7-11 for Slurpees!!

On the way back I took pictures of KC

On Sunday we went to church bout 5 minutes away. It was small (bout half the size of ours) but the most diverse ward I have ever been to. After, we went down to The Plaza and had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory for Father's Day.

It was good to get out for awhile and we did feel much better after!!

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betty said...

I think it was good you guys did get out; you know your baby was being taken care of and they could get a hold of you if there were any changes. Sometimes removing yourself from the intensity of something you have no control of is a good thing for one's sanity.