Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Goals

Yes, I realize it is the middle of the month, but I do have a couple goals lol

1. Get Peanut healthy and home
2. Take Peanut to Harley Shop with Daddy to get him a Father's Day present.
3. Take Peanut to church
4. Get laundry caught up (technically it is, but I want to do my stuff when I get home and some stuff I have gotten for Peanut).

May Goals reviewed....
1. Have a baby Nope! He came June 3rd!
2. Have baby's room completely read.y We still need to vacuum
3. Have hospital bag packed and ready. Yep
4. Have popsicles on hand for the hospital Yep and I only ate one!!
5. Have house ready for baby Not quite

Tomorrow I will have my summer goals.

Also, we are still in the hospital for another 3 days of antibiotics.


Kim said...

When a friend had her daughter last year the hospital told her the first month of life to limit the amount of people who see her. I'm sure that will doubly go for Peanut since he has lung issues.

betty said...

I think your June goals should be pretty manageable once your little one gets released from the hospital. Let's hope this last round of antibiotics is the one that clears up everything so he can be released soon. I'm sure you are all getting cabin fever being in the hospital.

But I do agree with Kim's comment not to have him around a lot of people for a bit after he gets home. I'm thinking my mom used to say she would wait 3-4 weeks to have people come and see us when we were newborns.