Friday, June 6, 2014

Peanut's Big Adventure

So, when Peanut had his labs one came back abnormal and they worried he had an infection. they tried antibiotics, but it still came back abnormal. He also had low blood sugar so his pediatrician decided it would be best for him to go to Children's Mercy in Kansas City. So on Thursday we all came to KC!

I was pretty calm when we got the news. I have been here before and knew it was a wonderful place. A little while later I had a breakdown and just cried. I did fine on the ride up here and was able to go home briefly to see Scout. I got a little frustrated when we got to the hospital and information could not find him in the computer (he was under "baby boy") and we went to ER first (because we knew they were bringing him in that way. He rode in an ambulance! I could not go with him because of my c-section) and then they sent us to the right place, but it took a few minutes to get in and all.

We were in the ICN which is like a NICU, but they have babies up to a year and a half. It was sad because most of those babies were long care. We had wonderful nurses and I was able to get help with breast feeding from a lactation consultant.

They did labs here and a chest x-ray and determined Peanut has pneumonia!! Of course, like his Mama and her crazy body, he isn't displaying any symptoms lol. Seriously, NOTHING. He is on antibiotics for 7 days, but of course he was already on for 2, so 5 more days.

This evening we got moved to a "step-down" unit which means we have our own room!! It has a "bed" for parents (one at a time) and a bathroom with a shower AND I get meals because I am breastfeeding!! Peanut is doing really well, too.

I am doing better, too. I had cried last night when we went to bed (we had a room on site with Ronald McDonald charities) and this morning. I am happy we get to stay with Peanut now through the night (technically we could have in ICN, and I did go back to breastfeed him once, but we wanted to get some rest in a bed).

I will try to post some more pictures tomorrow.


betty said...

Wow, Robyn, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hadn't heard of this before. Will he be in the hospital for the whole time he's on the antibiotics? Glad you get to be with him, but I know you would rather be at home with him. I'm not sure why they do it, but I know with a lot of reports I type with kids in the hospital after birth, they are known as Baby Boy or Baby Girl instead of their given names. You are right, it is sad to see and do the reports of some kids that have been in the hospital for a long time, some born at 27 weeks and below, etc.

Hoping your little one makes a very quick recovery and can be discharged to his loving family and home as soon as possible.


Kim said...

Why did he have low blood sugar?