Thursday, June 12, 2014

Peanut's Deluxe Acommodations

When we first got to Children's Mercy we were in the part of the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) where the long term patients are. These were mostly preemies and babies who were very sick. It was sad and I felt kind of bad knowing my baby was mostly healthy and was only there short term. Peanut spent the first night there and all of the next day. They told us he could move to the "step down" unit, but they did not have space available quite yet. We were not sure if it meant a room was not available or if there wasn't enough staff. We thought it would be another day, but that night someone came and said they needed the space we were in and would we like to go ahead and move to the step down unit? Heck yeah!!

He got a private room and we get to stay with him!!

My chair

TJ's Chair/bed

My bed/couch

Other amenities

and Peanut's cool crib with a little friend watching him

Peanut's discharge day has been pushed back to Friday due to some issues he is having with keeping his O2 saturation levels above 90%. It kind of works out better anyway since it is supposed to be storming kind of bad today.

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betty said...

That does look like a nice set up, Robyn! Nice and cozy if you have to be in the hospital. I sometimes type reports of baby progress notes in the NICU; it is sad to see the uphill battle a lot of them will have. Who is taking care of Scout?

Hope the little one can go home tomorrow!