Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Arrival of My Little Peanut

Other titles for this post could have been Induction Fail or How I Rocked a C-Section.

On Tuesday at midnight we went into the hospital for my induction.

I was still not dilated AT ALL. They gave me my first dose of Cytotec and I had to lay almost flat for an hour. Peanut would only let me lie on my side in order for them to monitor is heartbeat. I had a few contractions and cramping. No dilation.

After 2 more rounds of Cytotec and about 10-11, PLUS intense contractions and cramping UNMEDICATED. I was still not dilated. I could not have pain medication because Peanut's heartbeat was intermittedly slow or something like that. I could not have an epidural because you have to be 3 cm dilated. So that i right-- I actually labored for a good period of time WITHOUT PAIN MEDICATION. I don't recommend it. I took a hot shower and that helped. Walking and breathing did, then i had a choice from my doctor. Try a 4th dose of Cytotec (they also would not give Pitocin unless I was dilated) and deal with the pain OR have a C-Section. By this time I was done and opted for the c-section.

I was still nervous about being numbed and all and not bonding IMMEDIATELY with my baby, but my desire for relief from the crampy contraction pain overshadowed all of this.

They had had another surgery just prior so we had to wait until the room was ready and a surgical team was put together. Labor and Delivery has it's own OR. My doctor explained a little of what would happen. The surgery nurse came and gave more details about what exactly would take place. Then the anesthesiologist came and explained some more. let me tell you, this was the single most important thing they could have done for someone like me with anxiety. Knowing what to expect made all the difference, kept me calm and eliminated the need for any anxiety medication during the procedure whatsoever!

They wheeled me to the OR while I was having crampy contraction. I said a prayer (I said a lot of prayers). At the door I was able to walk into the OR and get on the table. I sat on it sideways and the nurse sat in front of me to help while I got my spinal block. They had me slump over a pillow and the shot hurt a little and the medicine going on, but not nearly as bad as the crampy contractions! It took a couple tries I am told, but I thought she was just doing different stuff lol. Oh, and it was cold in there and when I sat down I told them I was shaking, but did not know if it was nerves or the cold lol. It was the cold and I got warm blankets.

My feet went first, then my legs. They had to help swing me around. It was weird, but okay. I was really worried about my chest because they said that is when most people felt panicky because they could not feel themselves breathe as well. Since I had been warned, though, I was expecting it and was ok. It just felt weird. I could also feel the pressure on my abdomen, but no pain. Then, when they would set something on it (like the surgery instruments) it would feel like a bunch of little mice feet walking across it lol.

I had one arm strapped down (so i would not accidentally touch something I wasn't supposed to, but the other was free to hold TJ's hand. The anesthesiologist gave me some antibiotics and I threw up. I kid you not, that is the most distressing thing I felt through the whole C-section!!

Next they brought TJ in and then shortly after began. I did not realize the doctor had started cutting and when she said I would feel some pressure (which I was freaked out about) I thought that was what she was doing (it did not bother me at all), but then like one minute later I heard my baby cry!! The pressure was actually the opening and getting him out! I kept saying "that's my baby!" every time I heard him cry and I was crying. They took him to the corner for pediatrics to work on him and TJ went, too. He was able to do a 2nd cut of the umbilical cord.

After baby was wrapped they brought him to me to touch his forehead and give him kisses. I found out later that TJ made the mistake of looking over to see them do this and saw my stomach being sewn up and then had to leave in a wheelchair lol.

I asked if I could have something to make me sleep, but the anesthesiologist said she did not really think I needed anything and wanted me to be awake when I went back and saw Jonathon. I asked how much longer the sewing would be and they said 20 minutes and I felt I could wait so I was ok. After they were done they transferred me to a new hospital bed by inflatable air mattress and wheeled me back! I also got Tordol, which is pain medication that is strong but does not knock you out. I had to wait a few minutes while they finished with Peanut giving his shots and his first bath and his tests then they brought him to me!! While still in the OR, though, they moved my leg and I saw them do it, but could not feel it so I thought it was still on the bed and it freaked me out!! I learned my lesson not to look anymore lol.

I am a big fan of the C-Section now. Yes, I am sore and achy today, but it is not that bad and the experience was really very good. If I have another baby I am having another one.

Here are some more pictures of my little boy


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're glad all was well in the end. Laughed over TJ being taken out in a wheelchair, after seeing you being sewn up. :-) Our human is not good with things like that, either.

How long before you can go home? We'll be curious to know how Scout reacts to this new addition to the family. :-)

Kim said...

Lol about TJ. I'd probably feel the same way.

betty said...

You did great, Robyn!! Sounds like it was all in all a positive experience with a wonderful gift of a healthy baby boy at the end of it! Too cute about TJ and the wheelchair, but I loved the picture of him holding your guys' son and all the pictures!!