Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd Annual 4th of July Party which we try to see how many people we can cram in my livingroom!!

and diningroom....

and yes, you do see a girl sitting there playing a ukelele. It's one of our Mormon missionaries. Every party should have a Mormon missionary playing a ukelele.

Ignore the cranky face, he really did enjoy his first holiday

TJ grilled

The unofficial head count was 34 people including kids. I seriously did not think that many people would show up!! I invited the same amount last year and we had about 10 lol.

We also had a bonus guest. One of the missionaries that I had back in Florida right after I was baptized was passing through on his way to a job and was able to join us for a couple hours.

Most people left before the fireworks. We did not have as many this year, but they were still awesome. We also had glow necklaces and bracelets

It was a good 4th.

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betty said...

Looked like fun! Bet more came because they wanted to spend time with the baby ;)