Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to KC

Last Friday we went back to KC for another VA appointment for TJ's ear. This time we were there less than an hour and got to spend the rest of the time bumming around.

It rained a little on the way

Opening in Fall 2014!!!


We went to Bass Pro (separate post), Harley Shop and new Indian shop

Then we went to the Oak Park mall where we saw all these people standing in line

For a personalized Coke!!

No thanks.

Peanut checked out some Legos

Then we took an ice cream break

On the way home we stopped for gas and a drink


betty said...

LOL with the regular and diet ice :) I did hear Coke had the campaign of putting people's names on their cans. I don't drink soda any more so I hadn't realized they did it. I probably wouldn't wait in line to get one either (well maybe I would just to see if they had a Betty one).

Looked like a good day. That ice cream cone made me want to have one!


Robyn :) said...

you type in your name and it prints on the can