Saturday, July 12, 2014

Colic and Gas

Make for one cranky baby!! And I'm not going to has been really hard. On top of that, Peanut will not sleep on his own. We have to hold him. He was okay for awhile, but then in the past couple weeks he refuses to be put down except for maybe 30 minutes once a night and he has to be pretty deep asleep already. It is exhausting. But we are getting through. But it has not been easy or pretty.

Last Sunday was my worst day. I took a shower and started crying and could not stop. And I was really wailing, too. My husband called some people from church who came over to talk to me and bring us dinner. TJ stayed home on Monday to take me to the doctor. She was awesome. We upped my medication and she gave us practical advice like taking turns sleeping with Peanut and shared her own experience and assured us it would get better and that nothing is as exhausting as those first weeks with a newborn.

We ended up making a schedule where I would sit up on the couch (or recline) with Peanut on the nights when TJ had to go to work and then take a nap in the afternoon when he got home. It has been working, but now at the end of the week I am exhausted so he offered to take him last night even though he has drill today.

Another friend from church offered to use some healing oils on him so we did that and they seemed to work so I ordered some. That, combined with Gripe water, seems to help his gas and lavender seems to help him relax a bit.

They say that colic peaks at 6 weeks. We are just about there!! Then it is gone by 3 months (the next 6 weeks). I cling to the hope that that is true!! TJ has been a tremendous help as has my friend, Diane, who will come over and hold Peanut and he responds really well to her. Her grandchildren are out of state so I know she just loves helping out with him and it helps me feel better. I also have had a friend from church bringing meals and checking in on me.

It has been really hard, but I am getting through and my beautiful baby boy makes it all worth it.

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betty said...

((((Robyn)))) Glad you have the help you have; I hope more reach out to help bring meals for you during these first few months. it truly is hard work but you are right, this too will pass. He won't always have colic and gas and he will get on a sleep schedule. Just hang in there and do the best you can :)