Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Goals

Where did June go???????

My goals for this month are somewhat simple...
1. Figure out how to get Peanut to sleep in the pack and play
2. No caffeine
3. Attend Sundown Salute and the parade with Peanut
4. 4th of July party
5. get to the swimming pool!!!

How was June?

1. Get Peanut healthy and home DONE!!!
2. Take Peanut to Harley Shop with Daddy to get him a Father's Day present. No present, but Peanut has been several times!!
3. Take Peanut to church Done. Twice
4. Get laundry caught up (technically it is, but I want to do my stuff when I get home and some stuff I have gotten for Peanut). Somewhat done

That is probably the best I have done with monthly goals lol


Fuzzy Tales said...

Frankly, we're amazed you even have the energy to blog your goals right now. LOL.

betty said...

I think you are doing great!! Its good you aren't making unrealistic goals too, but keeping things simple that are able to be accomplished!