Monday, July 21, 2014

ManCat Monday With Responsible Scout

Hey Friends! Guess what? I have proved my responsibility and trustworthiness to Mommy and I am allowed to go outside without my leash sometimes!!

At first she just let me out to play with Henry, but then she started letting me out, more. I go out the front door or through the garage and come back through the backdoor.Usually on my own, but Mommy did have to call me once. And once she had to shake the treat bag. I still wasn't ready to come in, but Henry came to her for the treats!

Speaking of which, Henry came in our house the other day!! He ate some food and tried using the litterbox, but Mommy walked in and he is shy. He hid under her bed! But she shook the cat treat bag and he came out. This tme I wanted some, too, so she gave each of us some on the patio.

There is another cat who comes by that we call Mystery Cat. We do not know where he is from. He came at 4am one night and I alerted my daddy. Then, he came one afternoon and I tried to fight him through the door. I don't like him. He is not as friendly as Henry.

Here are some random pictures of me being sillycute

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, we're glad you're being responsible, but really hope you don't wander loose too often, not without your humans keeping a close eye on you. So many dangers!

Purrs and peace.