Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peanut in KC

Last Friday we had to go the VA in KC for TJ's pre-op for ear surgery. We took Peanut. It was a long day and we have to go back again this Friday for one more appointment before surgery!! But it will not be as long.

We stopped to feed Peanut and get a treat.

Peanut is not a fan of his car seat but will fall asleep

The VA is in East KC and there is this

Waiting on blood draw/u sample/EkG

While TJ had that done Peanut and I took a walk

Then TJ had an X-ray and then it was off to see the pre-OP nurse. One of them gave Peanut an extra blanket lol. The boys fell asleep

Then we went to the ENT clinic. Peanut actually slept in his stroller without it moving lol

That is the part we have to go back to this week. After that we went to the pharmacy/travel reimbursement/badge place and then we were done!!! 6 hours there.

We stopped for an early dinner then went to Cabelas. It was a long day.

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betty said...

I can imagine it being a long day, but it seems like your little one did just fine with it! I have not yet met a child that likes his car seat ;)