Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sundown Salute 2014

We took Peanut to his first Sundown Salute yesterday. We went for the free hot dog feed.
We saw several people we knew. They admired Peanut. Total strangers admired Peanut :) I got a lemonade, but not from the lemonade lady in the giant lemon because she wasn't there :( It was good, but more sweet than the lemonade lady makes them. We walked around a bit, but when the live music started it was too loud so we left. It sure was nice weather wise, though. Low 80s with a breeze.

Here are the pictures

I am hoping to go back either after the parade tomorrow or Saturday morning. There is a fried PB&J sandwich calling my name.

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betty said...

Looks like fun! Fried PB*J; that sounds good!