Sunday, August 24, 2014

30 Days, Again

I am going to participate in the 30 Days of Lists challenge again. It will be my 4th time. I am pretty sure I did not finish the last one because it was in my first month or 2 of pregnancy and I had no energy lol. I wrote all the topics down, though, so I can go back and finish them. I am also pretty sure I slacked off in sharing them here.

That reminds me -- I totally need to photograph and share all the PL pages I did at a crop last weekend!!

Anyway, I did the last 2 list challenges in a SmashBook but for this one I am going to incorporate it in my Project Life on 3x5 cards. I plan to do it that way from now on. I will get the list topics ahead of time and will prepare them for each day in September here on the blog! When I have some time I will make the cards up. But I will have them here to reference. That is my plan.

I also plan to participate in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life challenge (I really ought to have some links for these but I am too tired) next month. My plan for that is to make a short list of things I did each day on 3x5 cards and then have a photo collage of the day. That will also go in my PL.

So, creatively, that is what am planning on doing in September. Plus another crop to catch up PL and do Jonathon's baby book and scrapbook. And finish up my pregnancy scrapbook.

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