Saturday, August 9, 2014

Currently 8-9-14

Watching: Big Brother still!! and I really like Botched. I miss Little Women LA

Reading: Eyes on You by Kate White, Don't Make Me Turn This Car`Around by Al Roker, What to Expect the First Year and scriptures

Listening: Rocky Broadway soundtrack

Creating or Cooking: eggs

Feeling: tired from being productive!!

Planning: going back to work on Monday, finishing straightening up and organzing craftroom and bedroom

Loving: That Peanut is taking longer naps and is less fussy, my new haircut and color


Fuzzy Tales said...

Back to work already? Maternity leave in Canada is a full year, though of course the mother doesn't have to take it all if she doesn't want to, though I rather suspect most do. We have an assistant director in our office who's just back after his 3 months' paternity leave -- fathers get 3 months, if they wish. Do you have daycare at work? Good daycare is something harder to find here.

Good luck!

betty said...

I was wondering if you were going to go back to work, Robyn, and when that would be. Are you and TJ going to try to work it out to have one of you at home to take care of your little one while the other is working?? Glad he's taking longer naps, makes all the difference when they sleep so you can sleep :)