Monday, August 18, 2014

ManCat Monday with Protector Scout

Hi Friends! Sorry I didn't post last week (oh wait, I did!), but I have great responsibilities here. In addition to helping take care of my brother I must guard and protect my family. And from what you may ask????? From the evil gray tabby that comes around some nights!!! I do not know what his deal is, but I do not trust him and I let him know!! Even though he is outside and I am in I fake attack through the door and sound my warrior cry!!! Unfortunately I scared daddy with that the other night. But rest assured he will nt be getting to my family!

I still hang out with my best friend, Henry. He likes to come over and hang on the patio and bird watch with me

We also play and have adventures. But guess what?? Henry wears clothes!! He lets sister dress him in a doll shirt!! He is nuts.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, we're sure glad you're protecting your family from that tabby! (But we hope that cat has a decent home.)

As for Henry letting his sister dress him up...we agree, he's nuts.