Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Longest Day ....

...or TJ Sucks at Anesthesia Recovery

TJ had ear surgery on Wednesday. He had a cholesteatoma in his right ear. It was eroding away the bone and eventually he would have lost his hearing. he has been sayng for years that he has trouble hearing, but the army kept telling him he was fine and was passing his hearing tests. After working at Foot Locker warehouse for awhile it started hurting and the VA finally agreed that something was wrong. he went to the ENT clinic at the KCVA where they did a comprehensive hearing test and exam and discovered a cyst on his ear that required surgery, possible more than one.

so on Wednesday surgery was scheduled for 9, we left by 6, leaving Peanut with a babysitter. his surgery began some time after 9:30. They said it would be 2-3 hours, but it was more like 4. recovery was supposed to be an hour but it was 5-6!! he did not want to wake up. And when he did he pulled his dressings off TWICE and his hands had to be tied to the bed. He was also nauseous so they gave him medication for that. When they brought me back he woke up the 2nd time and did not really acknowledge me because he was in pain and letting us know! So he got pain medication and went back to sleep. Finally, he really woke up. First thing he said was "I have to pee". then he said he couldn't move hs arms and when we told him why he was like "Really?? I don't remember". We asked him how he was feeling and he said "I don't know". It was really funny. All he remembered was talking to the anesthesiologist lol. he was able to eat a cracker, but could not walk 3 steps to the wheelchair without leaning on the nurse and me. he was really dizzy. The nurse asked if he wanted to go home or stay and he said he didn't know, but afterwhile he said he wanted to stay. The recovery doctor, who was on call at anothe rhospital, wanted him to go home, The recovery nurses told me they would never let some0ne who could not walk out on their own leave. So he was admitted for the night. I went home to be with the baby and drove through a pretty bad storm. I was also peeing a lot and worried i had a UTI.

I made t home okay and ended up being fine. Peanut and I went back to KC to get TJ and he was much better. Since then he has been recovering nicely.


betty said...

Was this the first time he had surgery, Robyn? Not sure what they can do the next time, but I'm sure if he reports this experience the next time he has surgery, they might be able to make it a more pleasant experience for him. Poor him and you! I bet you were anxious to get back home to your wee one!


Kim said...

My dad gets those. Hope he's doing better.