Thursday, September 4, 2014

The End of Boobie Milk

Last week Peanut decided he was no longer interested in getting his milk from my boobies. It was too much work for him lol. It is also a little more difficult finding a comfortable position when your boobies are big. Plus pumping was not going so well. So they were not making as much as they should and I would just fill a bottle and forget I should be boobie feeding. So it was kind of a mutual thing between me and Peanut. he has been taking formula since he was born so there was no transitioning or anything.

I will miss the intimacy of boobie feeding, but that is it. Although I never had any major problems like Mastitis or pain from cracked nipples or anything like that, I would get sore and achy sometimes when I went too long without Peanut feeding. And leaking pretty much sucked, especially when by bra pads could not handle it!!!

Besides the ease of formula and the fact my husband can feed him, too I also like that I can see exactly how much Peanut is getting.

Formula is expensive though!!! I have found one at Dillons, though, that is comparable to Similac but cheaper. Normally I would not buy generic formula, but since it has the same things I am comfortable with it. We'll see how he likes it, though.

Pretty soon he will be transitioning to cereal and baby food :(

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betty said...

I never nursed since the kids were adopted, but they did do well on formula. Like you said, it is easier to keep track of how much they take. I was lucky, when my son was drinking formula, my hubby worked in purchasing at a hospital. One of the reps for the formula company gave him free samples of formula the whole time son drank formula. We would just let him know when we were low and we would get a delivery of formula, the premade stuff in bottles passed out as samples at hospital for newborns (don't know if they do that anymore). So I didn't have any bottle washing to do and he bought disposible nipples from work so I didn't have to santize them either. I was pretty fortunate. Now 25 years later, he couldn't get away with it with all the changes they've done with laws on what you can accept if you are in management like he was, but back then it was totally legal to do :)