Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Party #1

The weekend before last we went to a kid friendly Halloween party. It was really awesome with good food, a bonfire, games and a Haunted Forest!!!!!

Since Peanut's custom made costume was not ready yet (I told the designer, aka my friend, Heather, I didn't need it until the 31st) I needed something else for him. Thanks to a onesie his aunt and uncle had sent and some awesome thrift store finds we went as a family of pumpkins!

I also call Peanut my little Pumpkin

The next party will be Trunk or Treat on Friday

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betty said...

Sounded like fun! Loved your theme costumes. Now I'm curious what the custom costume will be :)

Our church did trunk or treat Sunday after church; it was fun to see the kids dressed up and how the cars were decorated :)