Monday, October 6, 2014

ManCat Monday With Complacent Cat

It's October, friends. You know what that means.

Devil Kitty costume. It wasn't even packed away. Daddy snuck up on me with it and I just let him put it on

I hate it. I look stupid. I'm glad Henry hasn't seen me in it yet, although he wears a shirt so he would probably like it.

Speaking of Henry....remember that stinky tabby I told you about (i did tell you about her, right?) that comes in my yard and I try to fight through a closed door? Well henry doesn't like her either and he chased her out of my yard!!! Later she chased hm into his, but then he got up on the fence and showed her who was boss. Go Henry!!

After awhile I went to my daddy and tried to act cute by rolling around to get hm to take the costume off. I got the hood off. Mommy took it all the way off then gave me cat treats for being so cooperative. Gee, thanks.

I've been told my little brother will be getting a costume, too. Wonder what he will think???

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betty said...

Was kind of hoping with your little brother around that you might be spared having to wear a costume this year, Scout. At least you are a good sport about it