Monday, October 27, 2014

Mancat Monday with the Mad Mouser

I got into some trouble last week. The week before that I found these awesome mice in the garage to play with. I brought one in the house for Mommy to see. She was a little upset I brought it in, but told me good job for catching it. Then she shoveled it outside!!! I was mad because I was playing with it. She said it was almost dead anyway, but its legs were still moving. Another day she saw me playing with one in the garage and told me I was supposed to kill it, but then it wouldn't be able to play with me and where is the fun in that!! Mommy ended up killing it another day and then Daddy caught one in a trap.

On Friday, however, I caught the big one, probably the mommy. And I brought it in to show mommy. Well she screamed at me and I dropped it and I thought I could catch it again but it got away!!!!!!! Mommy was very unhappy with me and as punishment she took me to the vet!! She claimed it was because she thought I had mange, but i think she was just mad at me. And I DO NOT have mange, just feline acne. She had to put some yucky stuff on me.

Yesterday Mommy found the mouse in my brother's room!. She hollered for Daddy then they closed the door. I came out from my nap to see what the commotion was and she made me join them. She called it Total Mouse Death Match. I wanted to leave. Daddy tried trapping the mouse in a box but it kept slipping by. Finally he sort of cornered it and I saw it so I went after it and caught it!!!!! Then daddy shoved us both in the box and put us outside. I let the mouse go and came back in and got treats. Mommy would have preferred we killed it, but is glad it is out of the house.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, Scout, you're a really good mouser. Except for the not killing and eating part. LOL. You realize that if you HAVE been eating them, you'll need to be dewormed, right? Good luck with that. Heh heh.

betty said...

Oh wow, what an adventure for you Scout, but I know your mom was not happy about it all! Got to figure out why they liked your garage so much and make sure another family doesn't take residence there!