Monday, October 13, 2014

Mancat Monday With Sad Cat

Hello friends. I have some bad news. My best friend, Henry is moving away!!!! He doesn't know when but there is a For Sale sign in his yard. This will be the 3rd best friend I have lost. The first was Squiggy Jack up on post, but then WE had to move. Then there was Mr. Peach at the apartments but we had to move again! Now Henry is moving away from me.

Now I will admit I do not always like playing with Henry. He is really young and sometimes gets on my nerves (especially when Mommy lets him in our house and he eats my food) but he is a really good friend. He did come over in the rain to play with me (why Mommy let him in, because I would not go out) and he tried chasing that stinky cat out of the yard once. He also likes exploring and going on adventures like me. I hope another boy cat moves in who can go outside and play with me. No stinky girl cats!!!!

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betty said...

Sorry to hear that Scout! Maybe you can have a going away party for him?