Saturday, November 22, 2014

Currently 11-22-14

Watching: Barney Miller and if I can stay up late enough, Leverage!!

Reading: Hoping to start on the Conference Talks issue of our church magazine. I also found a few autobiographies I want to read and almost bought one at Target. Reading is not regular anymore so library books are not the best option, but neither is paying $18.

Listening: TV

Creating or Cooking: Thanksgiving Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have been working on Project Life

Feeling: cold

Planning: Thanksgiving dinner

Loving: my sweet little baby.

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betty said...

If you have a smart phone or a tablet or iPad, Robyn, you can download for free the Kindle App from Amazon and then sign up for Bookhub that sends free/reduced price ebooks. I've read books on both the tablet and phone and only get the free books offered. Works better than a library :)

Happy Thanksgiving!