Monday, December 1, 2014

Where is My Time???

It just keeps getting away from me!!!

There is lots to blog about like the rest of our Halloween, Toy ride, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Parade, Scout's out of control acne and his petal collar of protection lol.

I keep trying to set time aside to catch up, but I usually forget and do something else. Like sleep. And it is hard to type one handed which is what I need to do with a baby on my lap.

I am going to try to take some time tonight to schedule some blogs for the week, but if the baby wakes up, never mind,

Oh and here is my very busy schedule this week....

Tuesday....possibly going to Manhattan for stuff (do you know the difference between RGW lights and Multi lights???? I do now!) and some Activity Days prep

Wednesday...Activity Days at church (and possible last minute prep).

Thursday ... Th has appt in KC in morning (I am not going), Peanut has appt in afternoon, and I have an activity at church

Friday...Scout has a vet appt!!! (I hope I do not get sick and have to have an appt too lol).

Saturday.... TJ has drill, I have a diaper shower to go to, and there is a motorcycle group party in the evening.

Sunday... church.

I still have to put together our photo cards and my Christmas Letter, get a couple more gifts and put away my BF purchases. I am saving that stuff for next week!

Here are some random pictures to enjoy

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betty said...

Cute pictures!!! You'll have time to blog down the line; just enjoy the time holding the baby :)