Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Dinner 2014

We continued our tradition of going to the Chinese buffet for Christmas Dinner

It was one of the more interesting ones we have had there.

You see, we have a cute baby. I mean a REALLY cute baby (or so we've been told) and people are instantly attracted to him.

There was a family in the booth across from us travelling from Denver to Missouri who just loved him. Then there was another family with a 14 month old who gave Peanut his first kiss (yes, I allowed that to happen, though they were trying to tell her to kiss his arm, but she had other ideas!!). And of course Peanut just ate it all up because he loves girls and loves attention.

There was a pretty sunset, too

The food, of course, was fantastic and along with lightseeing after made a really nice end to the day.

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betty said...

That is a pretty sunset. Sweet the attention yiur little one gets. Always something neat about seeing a baby I do believe.