Thursday, January 22, 2015

Peanut Loves Daycare

When I first went back to work after Peanut was born I had a friend from church who came and watched him at my house. I liked this because it was really convenient. She had a night job too and when they wanted her to go management they also wanted her to start working days. That's when Peanut started going to another church member's house to be babysat. It was not too far from my job and she had 2 little ones at home. I was happy that Peanut would be getting to know other kids since the only other time he did was at church. And his babysitter was awesome. She cared for him as if he was one of her own and her daughter just loved him to death too. Unfortunately they moved over the Christmas break to Idaho. The week before break we had another church member come and watch him but she had just moved 26 miles away so to hire her permanently would not be worth it to her at the price we were paying.

We decided to put Peanut in daycare. It was a little more than what we wanted to pay but it was also a guarantee that he would be watched every day. If one of the caregivers got sick there would be another one. Not so much with a babysitter. I had to miss a couple days when they or a family member got sick. I had seen one that I thought looked nice and had looked at its website. One of my coworkers had her daughter there and also recommended it so we went in for a tour. This was prior to the break and unfortunately at that time they did not have an opening! But by the end of break they had 2 so he started at the beginning of January.

Peanut absolutely loves it. He is a very social baby so he loves being around other babies and he likes the teachers (he will go to pretty much anyone --he does not have that separation anxiety thing yet). He goes right to the teacher in the morning. He plays and "talks" with the other babies. The teachers say he smiles all the time (which he does outside daycare, too). I am so glad he likes going there.

The daycare is awesome, too. They give us a report sheet every day of how much he ate or drank, slept, diaper changes (they change every hour) and then what books they read and songs they sang. They also put comments about what he enjoyed doing like playing in the bouncer or tummy time or the most popular--enjoyed his bottle!! When he gets older they will help potty train him (seriously!!). They also have a preschool and before and after school care. They are also Christian based, which I like. Peanut has his own crib there, too. There are also lots of bouncers and toys for him to play with. On top of all the great stuff for the kids they also have a small exercise room for the parents AND a whirlpool bathtub you can reserve for an hour. The founder or director thought that would be a nice thing to do for parents since they probably don't get to relax too much at home lol. They also have a room you can use to breastfeed. You can come in anytime to see your baby and they have cameras so you can see what is going on anytime!! We are very pleased with them and feel like it is a good experience for Peanut.

Here are some recent pictures of him. He can sit on his own now!!!

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betty said...

Sounds like a wonderful place for day care!