Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9 Months

I realize I have never really kept up with Peanut's monthly milestones, but oh well. I will share this one, though, since it is a big one.

At nine months Peanut....
weighs 17 pounds 2 oz
is 29 inches
Likes all kinds of baby food (except prunes, though he ate them the first time)
is starting to crawl, though it is still more of a scoot on his legs or belly.
Loves playing with his toys and books
Is wearing mostly 12 month clothes
Loves clapping his hands
Says dada and da-dee mostly, but has also said baba and ki-ey(kitty?) and makes general sounds as well
growls (sort of)
hates having his nose and face wiped
loves Scout and pets him
Likes watching Daniel Tiger on TV
LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally
Is fascinated by hands (his and other people's)
Likes taking his socks off
has 2 teeth.
Loves snuggling with his Mommy and Daddy and has cried his way into bed with us a few times.

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betty said...

He's adorable!! Can't believe he is 9 months old already!