Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer Manifest

Last summer I was tethered to my couch by a cute little colicky Peanut, but this summer we are going to get out and have fun and have adventures!!!

Here are the plans!!

1. SWIMMING. I am hoping to get to the pool at least once a week. They have a play area and wading pool for Peanut and I also want to get him in the big pool with me to get used to the water.

2. Gardening. I am doing a couple of vegetable plants in the back and some flowers in the front. Hoping to get Peanut out there with me to dig in the dirt.

3. Walks. Everyday. There are lots of places I can take Peanut in the stroller.

4. Runs. Hoping to go when TJ gets home. Also gym time and maybe some hikes.

5. Day trips. There are several places I would like to take Peanut over the summer like the Flint hills Discovery Center, Oz Museum, etc.

6. Lake trips. I would like to get out to the lake at least once a month. Maybe do an overnight cabin trip.

7. Full house clean and purge. The plan is to pick a room and then work on a part of it each day.

8. Garage clean out. Work on one box or pile a day.

9. Smoothie a Day. and I will share with Peanut!!

10. We will go to Pelican Pete's Shaved Ice!!!!!!!!!!

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betty said...

Sounds like it will be a fun summer.