Monday, May 4, 2015

ManCat Monday with Scout and Pete

Hey all, I know it has been furrever, BUT having a baby brother is hard work!! I have to rest all day to help take care of him in the evening and also make sure Mommy is getting enough rest.

Last month Mommy brought home a cool new friend for us, Pete The Cat. He has books written about him!

I went to my yearly vet appointment. I got them good!! But i scared Miss K, who went with us. Luckily my brother was at daycare. But I yowled and screamed when they tried to examine me!! Unfortunately, it did not get me out of shots or a dental cleaning a few weeks later. Believe it or not I behaved for that. because I was drugged.

Last I will leave you with a sunset Mommy saw.

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betty said...

What a pretty sunset!! Seems like you are doing great Scout!