Monday, May 11, 2015

The Summer Plan

It is really hard for me to believe that there are only 2 more weeks left of school. Mrs. Cooke was right -- 4th grade DOES go by fast!!!!!

As I have posted before I have lots of things planned for this summer. I want to enjoy it with my boy and make it last! My major project is going to be a total house and garage purge (eek!!) which I will work on bit by bit everyday.

And even though I will not have a set schedule this is what I want to include everyday...

1.Baby food breakfast, lunch and dinner and a weaning off of the bottle/transition to sippy cups!!

2. A smoothie

3. Exercise (either walking, hiking, tae-bo or gym)

4. Cleaning -- portion of a room.

5. Unpack one box from garage or clean up small area

6. Activity with Jonathon

7. Personal and family scripture study and prayer.

8. Dishes and laundry

9. Read (to Jonathon and myself)

10. Cook or make one healthy meal.

I think this is doable.

TJ will also be gone during June so that limits my exercise choices (can't take Jonathon to the gym or on a hike!!).

It is so close!!!

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betty said...

The end of the year seems to be wrapping up for a lot of schools :) Can you take your little one in a stroller for at least a walk to get some exercise?