Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All Hail The Queen of Garage Sales!!

I have really been lucky this month with the garage sales I have gone to.

First of all, I am picky where I stop because I have had to take Peanut with me. So if I have to take him out of the car and lug him around with me there better be something worth looking at!!

2 weeks ago a nearby town had city wide garage sales. There were supposed to be 60 in all, but I don't think I saw that many. It was raining that morning, but there were quite a bit of us hard core salers out there and lots of people held theirs in garages, on covered porches or put up canopies! I was on the hunt for a Cozy Coupe. I first went to a Facebook friend's sale and got a vacuum for $15 (ours died) and a shirt. At another friend's I got more shirts. I found a book and and a small toy at a church sale and bought cookies and used the bathroom at another friend's. Then I found the Cozy Coupe!! I nearly didn't. It was the last place I went, in a trailer park on the outside of town. I did not even think they were selling it. It was in the yard, but i could see they were selling stuff out of their shed. I figured it didn't hurt to ask, though. They decided to sell it because they said their son was too big for it. $2. It barely fit in my car!! It is yellow and red with eyes and a smile.

Last week I went to some sales around my town. On Friday I found a HUGE one with several things I wanted but only bought 2 little toys for Peanut. On Saturday I hit the jackpot. First place I went, close to my house, I found a jogging stroller $5!!!! They even delivered it to my house!! I bought a big pooh pillow as well and got some free toys including a new fish soother for Peanut since his other one died. Later we found a sale at another trailer park and I got a little motorized motorcycle for Peanut for $3!!! Plus some more toys including trucks! I also saw another Cozy Coupe!! This one was the original orange and yellow which I would have preferred. I did not stop, though. I found out later that a friend wants one for her grandson so if I see another I will get it and probably give her the one with eyes lol! After going out that day I had only spent $13 and had gotten quite a bit of stuff!!

Last month I scored a $25 solid wood dresser at a friend's sale, plus a guided big wheel and fire engine tent for $5 together.

I am a garage saleing genius!!!


Kim said...

Sheesh! You totally are!

betty said...

Great bargains you did indeed find!