Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And Then He Turned One

I do not know how this is as just yesterday he was my teeny tiny little baby, but at the beginning of June, Peanut turned 1.
We had a party for him the weekend before.

We had a decorate your party hat station

We got the cake at Walmart and they include a smush cake with it free of charge. I just had them write his name on it and then I added the decorations (not the swirls..they did that). The 3 animals in the back left are from my first birthday cake.

In my husband's family it is a tradition to have spaghetti on the first birthday. Peanut will not eat anything that isn't mashed or pureed yet, but he loved playing with it!!

He was as equally interested in the cake!

He really decimated the cake!!! Then he had a bath, but not before Mommy got cake kisses.

Next it was present time!

I don't know what the pig head said to him, but he sure gave him a look lol

After opening the Mickey Mouse he decided to take it away

he brought t back, but from then on out he was not interested in any more. So we had a friend step in to help. Then Peanut decided to check out some more of his gifts

We also had a small pinata. Instead of stringing it up we carried it around for people to hit with a wooden spoon. Then we beat it on the floor until it opened

The last thing we did was party poppers outside, but did not get any pictures. It was a very nice party and Peanut really enjoyed himself!!

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betty said...

How cute!! I think at that age they get a bit overwhelmed and disinterested in gifts after a bit. Son one year at Christmas time opened two or three gifts and then he was done for the rest of the day, LOL. His sister finally opened the rest of them late afternoon.

Hard to believe he is 1 years old already! The time does fly!!

You are a better mom than I would have been with letting him play with the cake and spaghetti :)