Sunday, June 28, 2015

How I Survived a Month On My Own

Or How I Survived A Month Without TJ.

TJ has been in Virginia for the past month for an army school. This was the longest he has been away since Jonathon was born. It was not easy.

And yes, I know, some people have it much worse, with more kids, longer periods of time, psycho pets, whatever. This was new territory for me and I was worried. BUT, I had a plan.

Number one. I prayed. I prayed day and night. I prayed whenever things got really tough and I thanked God when things were good. went to church EVERY Sunday. Even though I knew we would probably spend the majority of our time in the hall, I went. Because I still got something out of it, spiritually.

Number 2, I had a routine. A very loose routine. I made a list of 20 Daily Activities to do. All the activities did not have to be complete (and rarely they were), but it kept me busy and productive.

I have a summer project which is to go through the house and clean, purge and reorganize each room (and closets). I post which room I am working on. There is no time limit, but my hope is to do one a week!

I also have a list of fun activities Jonathon and I can do like going places and doing stuff at home.
And then we have our daily and monthly schedules which are things we do every week (like library storytime and Farmer's Market) and then things we want to do during the month.

We keep everything posted in our livingroom nook

I think we will keep this up during the year, maybe add a calendar.

Number 3, I had Red Bull and took naps. I get tired easily and I knew there would be days where I would be dragging so I had an emergency 4 pack of Red Bull and 1 Monster. I used them, but did not need to buy more. Taking a nap everyday helped as well. I napped when Jonathon did (usually with him in my bed!).

Number 4, I had Mommy Time. This is after Jonathon went to bed. This was my time to take a shower and relax. I usually watched Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. Or I would read. I read every day.

We had busy weekends!! The first Saturday we went to an airplane event and rode in a small airplane!! The next Saturday we went to a city-wide garage sale event and out to lunch in a town 30 minutes away. The last one we went to a birthday party (after garage saleing again).

There were some really really rough days, but most were good. And I survived!!

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betty said...

Good for you!! I think having the routine and planning it beforehand helped immensely!