Thursday, July 9, 2015

Peanut's First Baseball Game

Last month I took Peanut to his first baseball game. Our town has summer collegiate baseball. Our team is The Brigade.

We had a traditional ballpark dinner

Jonathon seemed to enjoy watching the game

So did Pete The Cat

Jonathon also enjoyed playing with his toys and crawling along the bench lol

At the end he was very happy. We won!! (Actually, we didn't even make it to the 9th inning. We were ahead by so much at the middle of the 7th that they had to do a Mercy Stop)

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betty said...

Yea for the team winning! Fun outing! Glad that you get out and do things like this with your little one. I always looked for things like this to get out and see. I think it helps to stimulate their brains.