Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spiritual Sunday -- Called to Serve the Littlest Ones

TJ and I were called today in church and sustained to be Nursery Leaders. The nursery is part of the Primary Program. It is for the 18 month to 3 year olds and is for the 2 hours after Sacrament Meeting.

In our church we do not sign up for positions. We are called by divine revelations. So they are called "callings". How it works are names are submitted to the leaders of the ward (or Stake if it is on that level) and they pray on it. We were told that 2 members of our bishopric (the 3 ward leaders) received the impression at the same time in a meeting that we should be called. When asked we knew in our hearts that this is what God wanted for us.

I knew in my heart this was coming (which also confirmed to me that this truly is a calling from God). TJ has been volunteering in Nursery for awhile (when they are short on leaders). I pretty much expected he would be called to be a leader. Usually they call couples for this so I figured I would be called along with him, but I was also a little doubtful since I have another calling in the Primary Program (Activity Days Leader) I was a little worried if I was called to Nursery I would be released from that, but they assured me I am wanted in that position as well! (which I also knew so it made me wonder about Nursery). I do that on Wednesdays so it does not interfere with Nursery.

I also currently have a 3rd calling, but that is only because they forgot to publicly release me lol.

For today I just kind of sat and observed and played with the kids and got a feel for what they do. It is pretty simple. We have play time, then a music leader from the Primary comes to do music time, then it is snack, then lesson and activity (coloring). I will be preparing the lessons from now on, but the library worker prints the coloring sheets automatically every Sunday for me!! I have a lot of support and I hope I can serve those kiddos well!!

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betty said...

I am sure you will do both well in your new calling :)