Wednesday, July 8, 2015

That Time We Flew In A Small Plane....

One of the activities offered at the Biplane Fly In was airplane rides!! For $60 you could ride in an open air plane that used to take people over Niagara Falls in the 40s, but for just $30 you could go in a small closed in plane! Since I had Peanut with me this is what we chose to do. I had to think about it for awhile, though! I cannot even fly in a regular plane without Xanax. But we were brave and did it!!

I had this grin on my face the WHOLE time. It was the most fun ever!

At first Jonathon did not like it (we think it was the noise), but once I sat him next to me instead of on my lap he was fine.

It's amazing to see my town from this view lol

I am so glad we did this!! It was such a thrill and a great story for Peanut to tell when he is older

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betty said...

Looked like fun :) Definitely a great adventure to share with him when he gets older :)