Friday, August 14, 2015

Diet and Exercise Plans

Yes, again lol. Hopefully this works for me.

I am currently reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron-Bure to get some faith based tools for weight loss and I have been making meals from the recipes in the book (and from stuff I have pinned on Pinterest!!) I am also using Shakeology to jump start some healthy habits and weight loss.

Next I will read Naturally Thin again for tools on balanced eating and I will make those recipes. After that I am going to revisit Eat To Live to be inspired to eat a more nutrient rich, mostly plant based diet. And I have recipes from that. The key through it all is to not deprive myself, but to make better choices so I can splurge once in awhile and not feel guilty.

My new exercise routine starts today. It is as follows...

Monday and Wednesday -- run the track next to school, building up laps each month. If the weather is bad I will do PiYo at home.

Tuesday and Thursday -- Walk with Peanut, increasing distance each month. If the weather is bad I will do PiYo

Friday -- run the Riverwalk, building up distance and time each month. If the weather is bad I will go to the gym. This has to wait until TJ is home from AT, though.

Saturday -- PiYo on post or a hike. This will depend on weather and if I get up in time lol.

No exercise on Sunday.

This routine is also flexible and pretty much just a guideline. If I am hurting from the day before or have errands to run or other commitments it is ok if I skip it.

My goal is to get to 175 pounds by January 1st (I am at 190). Once I hit that I will get a spa pedicure. My goal for 2016 is to get to 120, but at 145 I will do another pedicure. At my goal weight I will buy new clothes!! (along the way I will get clothes from Goodwill). I am also hoping I medically qualify for a breast reduction after all that weight loss (or I lose weight in them and get down to a C cup!!).

I can do this.

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betty said...

I think it is all doable and I do think you can do it!