Monday, August 24, 2015

It's All in the Voice

This is the second post in a series on Caitlyn Jenner

While on vacation in Colorado I was able to watch part of an episode of I am Cait (I do not have cable at home and E! will not release their shows to Hulu until the season is over). Again, I could see her as a woman with her painted nails and cute dresses, but when she talked all I could think was "that's Bruce Jenner in drag". I could not get past the voice.

Ironically, the episode I watched addressed this. Caitlyn had a bunch of other transgender women over and he asked one of them about her voice. He asked if she had surgery. She had not. As a man, this woman had had an effeminate voice. Another woman who had a more male sounding voice, said her voice worked for her, even though she was now a woman. Then, there was this other woman who put everything into perspective. She said something to the effect that, as a transgender, your voice is a big part of who you used to be. It is a part of your identity. That was so profound to me.

I am sure for most transgender women the issue of voice is not a big deal for them and people who know them. But for a woman who lived 60 years as a man AND a public figure who has a recognizable voice, it must be a lot more difficult. I think the more I see and hear Cait, the more I will come to accept that it is her voice now, and not Bruce's.

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