Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peanut's First Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago Peanut and I travelled to Denver, Colorado so he could meet his Aunt Laura. She is like a sister to me (she's my cousin) and lives in California, but had a business trip and since Colorado is only an 8 hour drive from here I seized the opportunity. TJ was still at Annual Training so it was just Peanut and me on the road!

Peanut went to the babysitter's on Saturday so I could spend the day sleeping. After he went to bed I slept for a few more hours and got up at midnight. We were on the road by one, midnight Colorado time.

I wore a skirt because we went to church when we got there.

We were not even 45 minutes out of JC when I had to make a potty stop!! Then we had to stop to get a car phone charger and a Red Bull, because that Hiball just wasn't cutting it!! We made several more stops to rest, potty and get another Red Bull. Peanut travelled very well. He slept and when we had to stop he woke up with no problem.

Morning in Eastern Colorado was beautiful

Can you see the mountains??

We went to church when we got into town, but spent all of it in the foyer!! Then we went to see Aunt laura and have our first adventure!!

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betty said...

Brave you were to travel alone with one so young, but it looked like it turned out relatively well!