Saturday, August 1, 2015

Recharging My Batteries

I had a Mommy weekend last weekend. Since TJ was gone the whole month of June I thought it was only fair that I get to go away on an overnight trip by myself :)

I heard that there was going to be a 2 day scrapbook crop in Emporia, which is just an hour and twenty minutes southeast for cheap so I decided to do it! It was wonderful!!

It started Friday morning, which is TJ's day off and he did not volunteer to go in so I was able to leave pretty early.

I took a scenic new-to-me route (I have been to Emporia only once before). It was held at a Best Western. One of my friends was already there with her friend who became one of my new friends. I met the lady running the crop and her mom (later I would discover her mom had a little dog with her, but I had no idea until that evening until someone told me because I never heard or saw the dog, but it was at her table!!) Then I set up my scrapbooking stuff and got right to work.

My goal was to catch up on Project Life (I was still on March). If I finished I had a special vacation album to start. After working for a couple hours I went out to lunch. I decided not to eat at the on site restaurant because I wanted to go out and explore, plus I had to go to Walmart. I researched restaurants before I went and found a sushi place nearby that had lunch specials. Unfortunately, it was closed due to the chef being on vacation!! I decided to try to find another place on my list, but while looking I happened to find another sushi restaurant up by the college (Emporia State University). It was delicious.

After lunch I got back to work until I could check into my room and then I went swimming and relaxed by the pool.

Then I went to the room and read a little bit

The room was nice and thank goodness for this because I hate a stale remote!!

After that a couple more people had arrived and after a bit more work (I finished March!!) we decided to go out for Italian for dinner. We found this great little hole in the wall place called Giovanni's. It was inexpensive, delicious and we had the best waiter. I had a sampler with Alle Pandi (marinara + alfredo) sauce that was awesome.

Their bread was also amazing and I got a cannoli to go.

After dinner I worked some more then took an evening swim and a shower. I went back to work until 1:30 am. I wanted to stay longer, but my friends left and I hit a wall

So I went back to the room and read before going to bed about 3am. I did not fall asleep until 4!!

I woke up at 8, but then fell back asleep. Woke again at 9 then woke up and got up at 10. I went to the pool, but could barely swim across once lol. I got dressed and checked out. I had a voucher for free breakfast at the restaurant, but it was late and I had something to eat in the room. So I worked some more and then invited a friend that had come later the following evening to go to lunch with me.

First we stopped at this place I had seen the day before

It was a really nice independent bookseller!

Then we went to Do B's for lunch. It was this great busy little diner down the road from the college

After much debate I got the Black Cat Po' Boy (catfish)

It was sooooo good. Definitely going back there to try some other Po' Boys!!!!

Across the street were these great looking apartments (except the burnt down one)

After lunch I worked the rest of the afternoon until about 7pm. I almost reached my goal. I got started on my 4th of July pictures (which were the last ones I had printed) and prepped several layouts, but I just could not finish. I did not think I would even make it that far so I considered my weekend work a success!!

I then packed up and had a beautiful evening drive home through the Flint Hills. I was happy to me baby when I got home. The weekend was just what I needed and I felt so refreshed and recharged after!!

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betty said...

Glad you took that time for yourself, Robyn; sounded like a fun getaway!