Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Revised Exercise Plan and Schedule

t became apparent really fast that exercising after work was NOT gong to work. Not if I wanted to cook or clean as well. Or run errands. So t has to be done n the morning!!!

Here s the revised plan..

Monday and Wednesday -- Gym with a friend

Tuesday and Thursday -- PiYo at home

Friday -- Walk or hike after school

Saturday -- run the Riverwalk or take a class.

No exercise on Sunday.
And the new schedule..
4:45 am -- Get Up (going to work really hard at this one!!)
5-6 --gym or Piyo (I will get up at 5:30 for this)
6-7:30 -- Get ready for work
7:30 -- leave
7:45 -- work
12pm -- lunch
3:15-- school ends. Run errands if needed
4pm -- home. Do rotating activities which include Laundry, Cook a meal, Cleaning or Garage work. One per day. And eat dinner
7pm -- bedtime routine for Peanut
8pm -- bedtime routine for me!!!

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