Sunday, August 9, 2015

Spiritual Sunday -- I Don't Know How I Do It

Well, actually, I do. It's God. All God. Without him I would not be at this point.

Let me backtrack. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly found myself with more energy and motivation than I ever had before. I started cleaning the house with reckless abandon, getting those projects done in a day that previously were taking me a week or more. Also, my mind has been incredibly clear and I am able to feel joy in everything I do. I even found an exercise program that I love and look forward to.

So of course I began to wonder what caused this rebirth in me. Did have a brain tumor that was stimulating my lobes and nerves??/ (Hey, I've seen Phenomenon and know what those suckers are capable of!). Was I pregnant and not knowing it and actually nesting? (During a bout of indigestion I actually thought for a minute I might be in labor!!). I had not taken any dietary supplements or energy drinks or pills. I was not eating all that much differently or taking a higher dose of my anxiety medication. I did start an exercise program called PiYo, but the motivation to go actually came after I started feeling better. So what had changed in my life that might have caused this miracle?

It is my church calling. I realized that after we had been asked to be nursery leaders and had accepted that the change started happening. Slowly at first. I went to Emporia for a scrapbooking weekend and I think that set the stage for what was to come. Then when we started our calling and were set apart (received a blessing by laying on of hands) the next day the blessings of health and a clear mind began to flow. I started cleaning the rooms left on my list within a day. This included deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms! I worked in the garage going through boxes and getting rid of stuff. I got done with what I expected to this summer and was able to move on to other areas. I went to PiYo 3 days a week in the morning and did the exercise with barely tiring and looking forward to it that morning.

My mind also felt clearer as well. I was absorbing more from reading than before. I was learning from the scriptures and actually pondering them and studying. Ideas started flowing and I have written about them here on the blog. I have fun doing things with my son and enjoy him immensely. Everything I do I feel like I am doing with joy and purpose.

I know it is my Heavenly Father who has blessed me with this season of physical and spiritual abundance. I know that my willing to serve in the capacity he wants me to has opened the door to these blessings. Living righteously and following the Gospel allows me to have these blessings and the companionship of the Holy Spirit. I am so truly grateful and thank him everyday.

I know that trials will come and that this energy and motivation may go away again. I still have challenges despite feeling joy everyday. I also know that when the challenges and trials come I can face them with the help of my Heavenly Father. The blessings will continue in one way or another. I know that his Word and Gospel is true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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